Friday, 1 August 2003

Iraq's most wanted deck

The "Iraq's most wanted" deck being circulated in Iraq after the war, which later became a souvenir hit, the magazine NewsMax has issued a new "America's enemies" deck entitled the "United Nations of Weasels." This is a hoot.

The spades are foreign leaders who caused us trouble. The Ace of Spades, of course, is none other than Jacques Chirac. Vladimir Putin warranted the ten of spades. His inscription reads "helped arm and defend Saddam despite his 'friendship' with Bush."

The hearts are Hollywood "activists," like Michael Moore (don't even get me started about what a fraud and loser he is) and Susan Sarandon. Diamonds are American politicians such as Ramsey Clark and Dennis Kucinich. Lastly, the clubs are journalists and writers spoke out against the war, such as Peter Arnett and Ted Turner.